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RFID Enables Use of Non-synthetic Cleaner by Tracking Expirations

By Claire Swedberg (RFID Journal) - Jun 12, 2018
As infection rates remain high at hospitals and other public facilities, some companies are offering a new kind of cleaning and disinfecting agent that eliminates the need for harsh chemicals. But it comes with its own challenge: a highly limited effective shelf life. The answer, for one firm, has been pairing radio frequency identification technology with this natural compound, known as hypochlorous (HOCL) acid, to enable a safe and controlled solution for cleaning a facility.
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PCT Ltd. (PCTL) Received $400,000 in Financing for Expansion of Annihilyzer® Infection Control Systems and Other Products Amidst Increased COVID-19 Case Reports

Little River, South Carolina, October 20th, 2020
PCT LTD (OTC Pink: PCTL) today announced that it has received $400,000 in funding from California based RB Capital Partners, Inc. (“RB Capital”). RB Capital has provided funding to the Company in the form of two 12-month premium-to-market convertible notes. The notes accrue interest at 5% per annum, are convertible at a rate of $0.20 per share and do not include any ratchet clauses or warrant coverage. The entire $400,000 investment has been received by the Company as of October 16, 2020.

PCT LTD Updated Statement Regarding U.K. Market Entry

Little River, South Carolina, September 30rd, 2020
PCT LTD (OTC Pink: “PCTL”) held their Shareholder Conference Call yesterday, September 29, 2020 and provide the following statement about the Company’s activities in the United Kingdom and in the oil & gas industry.

PCT LTD Provides Details For September 29th Shareholder Conference Call

Little River, South Carolina, September 25th, 2020
PCT LTD (OTC Pink: “PCTL”) is releasing the agenda and additional information for their scheduled shareholders conference call which will take place on Tuesday, September 29th at 4:30 pm EST.

Plant Upgrades

April 1, 2020
Paradigm Convergence Technologies – finalizing plant upgrades to produce maximum fluids for hospitals and other industries who need our disinfectant


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